Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer's Almost Over...

Sadly. Summer is almost over. I only have 20 days left with my job with this super sweet utility and then its back to school and back to reality.

As noted the other day, I haven't blogged much recently. It's a phase thing, but so much has happened since then! I'll have to catch it up!

First of all.. I've gotten to explore Northern British Columbia as a result of my job! Woohoo. This means that we have spent time in Prince Rupert and in Williams Lake and this weekend we are in Fort St. John.

Second of all... Along with my 'sister-in-law' Ashley we traveled to NEW YORK CITY! say what. AMAZING. best time ever! 

Thirdly... okay, my lifes been boring... I don't have a third thing....


Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I probably said this last time... but maybe I'm going to back to blogging. Summer is draining and without friends in Prince George it's nothing but sad. So here's a picture of my puppies, and here's to tomorrow!


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