New to blogging about adult-like things in a cool manner.
Previously, angsty teenage blogs was my life, but now that I'm married, a proud home owner, and the mom to not one, but two wonderful puppies, it's time to grow up and move on! 

So, who am I? What am I up to? 

My name is Bailey, and in April 2012 I married the love of my life. 
The following month we bought our first house in Northern British Columbia.

This house, all white, needed to be turned into a home. 
This blog is about my hubbie and I turning this house into a home. 
Including the many DIY projects we are undertaking. 

Shortly after, we brought home our first puppy. Caper.
He's a poodle shih-tzu/cotton de tulear. 
You can learn more about him in the Puppies Page. 

Then, we felt he was sad and lonely.
So we adopted Daisy from the SPCA. 

Aside from my house and my puppies, this is about my life/my home. 

I have been diagnosed with vulvodynia.
So, occasionally there will be posts about my that too. 
About my struggles, challenges, and my current treatment process with the Vulvodynia clinic in Vancouver. 

Some Facts About Me
1. I work retail. I'm a store manager. 
2. I'm also in my 5th year of a degree in Environmental Studies.
3. I attended a Women's College.
4. I love womens organisations
 I'm a Girl Guide Leader, I'm a PEO, I belong to Alpha Pi Beta Sorority
5. My favorite colour is pink.
6. I thought I was a cat person. 
7. I love chocolate, who doesn't. 
8. I'm obsessed with Pinterest.


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