We might have a picture over load here... 

 Caper is our first dog and the youngest of our two puppies.


Name: Caper
 because it was a cute small dog name --- to be frivolous or to be a bandit (future halloween costume?) 

Nicknames: Caper Paper, Cape, Caper Boy

Birthday: March 23, 2012
First Day @ Home: May 23 2012
Acquired: Via Breeder

Breed: Poodle X Shih Tzu/Cotton De tulear

Favorite Activity: Tearing Apart Paper

Favorite Treat: Milk Bones

Dislikes: Baths, pooping outside, eating my food. 

Loves: Chewing Daisy's Ears, running in tall grass, leash free walks, PEOPLE, sleeping with mom, playing with dogs

Next Up is Daisy! 


Name: Miss Daisy
 because she loves car rides
Original Name: Roxy 

Nicknames: Daze, Daisy Girl

Birthday: February 2009
First Day @ Home: August 20th 2012
Acquired from the SPCA in Prince George

Breed: Havanese Cross

Favorite Activity: Chilling in my dog bed

Favorite Treat: Greenies

Dislikes: Getting my ear hairs plucked, baths,  Caper chewing my ears

Loves: Belly Rubs! Running off leash, Going for walks, going for car rides, my kennel

Our Puppies Together

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  1. I love your puppies!!! :)
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