Thursday, 28 February 2013

Puppies & Geography & Big Brother

I'll start with Geography. 
I am starting to dread the return to school. Maybe, I don't miss having to do research papers. 

Currently, my block course this turn is in the study of Indigenous/First Nation Geographies and our professor has challenged us to 2 things.
1. To do something creative that represents our idea/experience of indigenous geographies. 
this is so much fun, not. 
I think I'm knowing what I'm doing. 
I'm going to learn to Quilt something. 
Stay tuned for the final project! 

2. To do a research presentation on this topic of First Nation Geographies. 
that's it. nothing else. 
I have an idea --- Something Urban, butI don't know what I'm looking at, or for.
I don't know what my thesis is. 

In the process of avoiding working on these projects I bring forward some pictures of PUPPIES!
As you may already know, we got a dump of snow. After our beautiful walk at the dog park we hit up another beautiful park. However, unfortunately not enough people go to Forests for the World, and the snow was deep and horrible to walk through. We just let the puppies play in the snow before we went home

 Subsequently got stuck in the snow. This required the help of some good old sturdy men! unfortunately, Ashley's is out of town, and mine was at the work! So to the Dads! Ashley's Dad came to the rescue. Now if any of you reading this are wondering what to get for her upcoming birthday, a small shovel for the car would be great! maybe a collapsable one. I'd get it, but I already have something else in mind. 

Just being Beautiful

Watching for Ashley 
cold wet puppy cuddle pile

anyone else following Big Brother Canada, what do you think? 
Too early to tell? 
I don't know if I ever really watch these types of shows.
Currently chilling out to Criminal Minds. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Snow Puppies

Long haired small dogs = A SNOW NIGHTMARE! 

The picture speaks a thousand words. We were probably 2/3 through our walk at the dog park when I had to pick her up and carry her back. I had picked her up a few times and broken the snowballs off her belly, but alas, no avail. She had no coat on that day, but her coat wouldn't have prevented the issue. 
Poor little havanese. 
Her poodle brother doesn't have this problem because we cut his coat right down. :) 
he just gets cold now. 

So what did we do? WE WENT TO THE PET STORE!
And found her something more practical. 

Today we tested it out. 

Verdit --- slightly better option.
But she still got snow up on the bottom half of her legs and on the far end of her belly.
They did have a long underwear style sweater... that might have been better. 

I think she might have to rock her muttlucks! 

Especially if we continue to have this horrible, but beautiful, wet snow. It's been like a foot of snow in the past day or so... such a surprise after spring-like weather for most of January/February

Monday, 25 February 2013

Jennifer Lawerence

I have to share this. I can't stop watching it. She's just so sweet. So funny. And as I know everyone's been saying I want her to be my new BFF!!! 
And I'm not even usually know the names of actress or actors let alone watch anything post award season! She's just adorable. I can't stop. 

Doesn't help that she looked beautiful in her dress! 

5 for Five

This past week represents an ultimate blog fail. It was Reading Week here in Canada and with that comes ABSOLUTELY NO STRUCTURE! Without structure I don't have my daily exercises, my water intake and my blogging. Because like any good little blogger I watch the news while reading blogs while eating my granola and yogurt. Between homework assignments I take a moment to blog.
I didn't even post a Black and White Sunday! :O I took pictures for one though!

So, let's start the week off like we should, with a 5 for five

With Monday coming to a close, let's follow up
Follow Up On Last Week

1) Go to they gym once
2) go skiing once
3) Book myself and the dogs a hair cut.
Dogs are done. 
me. not so much. 

4) Organise File cabinet in Office

5) Tidy office.
looks around.... meh... it's still a mess in here


1. Work on this killer skirt idea I have for this mint green fabric I picked up at Fabricland for cheap.
2. BLOG. Read Blogs.
3. Don't freak out about this new Geography Class
4. Rock my interviews.
5. Go to the gym on Wednesday and Friday.

Monday, 18 February 2013

5 for Five

With Monday coming to a close, let's follow up
Follow Up On Last Week

1) enjoy me time. check. 
Husband got me rose petals and I light some candles, got a glass of wine, and had a nice long relaxing bath. 
I also went to the gym once. I consider that me time. 

2) Have a fantastic V-Day, make hubby feel special.
hm. Not sure. 

3) Apply for Internships for the summer
6 down! YAHOO!

4) Get the house back together both for dinner tonight and Mallory Next week.
I believe so. House is looking good. 
I organised my closets, my pantry and made the bed in the spare room

5) Sort photos from younger days into the photo book I bought
yes. well, I couldn't find the photos from Eric's side of the family

So, Great week 4.5/5!

It's now Reading week, and I have the whole week off.
With all of this less work and all of this free time, I'm starting to run out of things to do.

1) Go to they gym once
2) go skiing once
3) Book myself and the dogs a hair cut.
4) Organise File cabinet in Office
5) Tidy office.

Sounds Good, Peace! 

Wedding Mondays - Trash the Dress

Has anyone considered this? My anniversary is sneaking up. Is it bad that I still haven't taken my dress to the dry cleaners? Is it a lack of empathy? A lack of care? Or am I just lazy? I think it's lazy/forgetfullness.
Seriously, who remembers to take their dress to the dry cleaners.

 Alright, onto the topic of discussion. When does one trash the dress? Is one year too soon? Maybe it'd be fun to do with the puppies and the husband. Or maybe just the puppies. But puppies are so rotten! Someone reminded me about how cute wedding photos would have been if we had had our puppies. My puppies are so cute, as you see! I think I want to do it in the rain. If not, in the snow, riding tobaggons.... Or on our next tropical vacation.

I've now added a plethora of ideas to my pinterest board while I figure out when an acceptable time to do such a stunt will be, and find a Prince George photographer. :)

Just found this GREAT BLOG! Trash the dress while washing the dog! My dogs would look miserable afterwards but it would be so fricking cute!

I'm thinking now..... Caper, Daisy, maybe Eric @ Ginters in the Rain.... Or August, my backyard washing dogs.

Hm... what do you think

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Black & White Sunday

I don't know why I'm showing off my brats today since they just got on the kitchen table and ate an entire box of cookies. It was hard to decide which pictures, I have so many. I'll go with a set from last night when Ashley and her pup Rosey came over.

Daisy doesn't play when Rosey comes to visit.
She gets a little territorial and a little 'bitchy'

They just kept moving and fitting, helps to have a friend your size



Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Valentines

I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day a little late with a post about all the things I wanted to do but didn't do.

First, let's catch up.
Last year, hubbie and I went for dinner on the 15th and it was PACKED. I HATE eating at restaurants when they are busy. I'm an attention whore. I don't want to be forgotten. and it's gets so NOISY. I don't like noise. So, we opted for Breakfast (that due in part because we thought he'd go to work today, he did, just not till 8ish). I got some last minute flowers and rose petals for a bath - how delightful, tomorrow, after I take the puppies for a run ('walk')

Second, here is me sharing all of my favorite Valentines pins that i wanted to do, but didn't. Because my housewife skills are lacking.
How adorable would that be? serious?

Annie Eats

serious. love candy. this would have been perfect for the sorority girls. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Since my time with the Multi-Disciplinary Program has come to an end in December, I have been out in the world on my own. Surprisingly, the one element of treatment that I thought I would be unsuccessful at finding help with I did!

While, my physiotherapy with Wendy at the Pheonix clinic is not the same as the physio therapy treatment I received in Vancouver, I figure something is better than nothing! 

It's been just over a month, but I can feel my pelvic floor getting stronger! That's something. 

My biggest struggle has been with finding a mental health provider. Nobody has any suggestions for me, and not even for someone at the basic level. I finally went to the one at the university, but her availability sucks in comparison to my school schedule and it will be another 15 days before my appointment with her. 

The hardest part is that the mental is one of my biggest hurdles for improvement. I really need to get over some stuff in my head. Once I do that I can work on some other areas of my physio treatment as well. 

In the meanwhile, I'm going to have the strongest and most fit pelvic floor out there. Provided I remember to do my exercises daily, drink enough water and don't break down in tears during my appointment. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

5 for five.

Follow Up On Last Week

1. Hit the gym twice before or after class
ya. didn't happen.
2. Prepare Spare Bedroom for visit from Bestie! 
1/2 way done this one. 

3. Do my exercises every day! 
I should keep better track

4. Figure out a solution to my kitchen clutter problem.
well, It looks better?

5. Make 1 more post this week on my blog

So, not too bad? Well, maybe....

Alright this week.
1) enjoy me time
2) Have a fantastic V-Day, make hubby feel special.
3) Apply for Internships for the summer
4) Get the house back together both for dinner tonight and Mallory Next week.
5) Sort photos from younger days into the photo book I bought

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Black & White Sunday 02.10

And then my favorite for last, it's a little dark, but sometimes when dogs do a pose you barely have time to catch the moment let alone change settings! 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

What we didn't like about Cuba

In no particular order, I now present part two of this series, things we don't like about Cuba

1. That we couldn't ride this the Hershey Train 
There were a variety of variables that influenced this. 
a) we just didn't have the time.
b) the locals discouraged it, including our tour guide -- we didn't like this. 
c) the train was not working because of rail damage. 

 2. Our hotel. the Blua Varadero.
Purely because Eric and I love quiet on our vacation and this atrium allowed for noise to radiate. Even as we moved from the 1st to the 12th floor, the noise was still OBNOXIOUS. 

3. Spending days on the beach. 
A morning was cool. An afternoon was relaxing. 
But, I could never do it day after day. 

4. The pushyness of vendors. 
And to top it off Eric got hussled a few times....
 once he spent 20 pesos on two pictures from an artist on the street who drew them and called himself picaso junior. 

 5. This isn't a good picture  of what I want to convey.
But when we went to the Bay of Pigs we passed through some parts of Cuba that were so poor. 
I felt guilty living like a king in a country where some people have so little. 
I know that's the case in Canada too, but there's a difference. 

6. Wanting to know more. 
This is a picture of the abandoned highschools in the orange fields in the Matenzas province.

7. Food.
Eric and I are foodies. 

8. Wine.
Don't expect to get good wine either.

9. Tipping. 
It's a little ridiculous. especially in bathrooms. 

10. Not knowing Spanish. 

11. The division between local culture and tourist culture.
This isn't a country you can really get to know about how the locals live. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


When I was in Vancouver in October, I dropped my iPhone in the airport bathroom. The screen shattered! Eric soon replaced it for me, but as with any repair it wasn't solid. Now, everytime the phone falls off the couch onto the carpet, drops from my had or pocket the little wire connecting the screen and the phone wiggles out of place and Eric has to take my phone apart and press it back together.

Anyways, after doing this often enough, we finally caved...


Some said get a new Galaxy or android device. But when it came down to it, I don't want to carry around an iPad, I want a phone. when it came down to it. I wanted something I was familiar with, something that would change over easy.

It's out of contract and unlocked. This way, we figure, we will have a phone when we travel south or elsewhere that we can easily load up with another data carrier.

Hubby and I are both iPhone peoples and his whole family has iPhones. It's only logical.

We are also brand snobs.

It's supposed to arrive before Valentines day! hope it comes sooner than later.

I also ordered a shock resistance case! It should be in good hands now, but I really want an iphone wallet case

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What we Love about Cuba


In no particular order. 

1. Getting to see these beaches. 

 2. Spending some time just kicking back like this. 
Both poolside and at the beach. 
But not for too long. 

 3. Seeing this! Enjoying the water.
Regret: not spending more time here. 

 4. The Trains, everywhere.
Regret: not getting to ride one.
5. Spending time with my family, especially my grandparents and well, everyone because Eric and I live away. 

6. It was 20-28 Celsius the entire time, instead of in the negatives. 
And there wasn't cold rain or cold snow!

More to come.

Vulvodynia on Vacation

Pre Vacation Thoughts:
"yes, I'm going on vacation. We're going on vacation. This means lots of rest, relaxation, and lazy days. Without dogs, chores, and work, I wont have any reasons to feel stressed or uptight. This will ultimately mean more desire, my 'sexy time.' This will be great. I'll even pack some nice clothes, some lingerie, it'll be the best time EVER. Like the honeymoon I wish I had (minus the sex stuff, because intercourse = still SCARY)" 

Now Fast Forward to Vacation Reality. 

Vacation = Swimsuits, Alcohol, Changes in Diet, Salt Water
4 things that your vulva isn't a fan of. 

I'm not sure about the 'science' on last one, but I know for me when I went in the ocean, my vulva burned the minute I got out. 

Swimsuits = overly tight garment on your vulva. no beuno. 
For my next vacation must find a better swimsuit --- maybe boy shorts?

Alcohol = It's on the no list.
All I know is they suggest you cut alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine from your diet when you have vulvodynia. while I'm not a big drinker, vacation changed that, especially when the bar opens at 11, and champagne is always available at breakfast.
For my next vacation I must remember to go virgin or go water.

Changes in Diet = changes in everything.
Your urine changes, your pH changes, you body changes. It's likely to had influenced my down there.

Pro-Active Things I knew to Prep for Vacation

Personal Hygiene - I brought my own soap and shampoo.
I use Dove products.
But my doctors say that a simple shampoo change can change rates of pain and such!

I didn't bring any clothing I know causes troubles for me.
For me this is primarily jeans and lulu lemon pants.
I also brought baby powder and comfy underwear to prevent a build up of moisture.

.... unfortunately, that's all...

So, for you Vulvodynia sufferers out there keep swimsuits, alcohol, diet, and sea water in mind for your next vacation. We know that we will be hitting up a different location next time. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

5 for Five

Follow Up On Last Week

1. Write my RealPenPal.
it just didn't happen. sorry.

2. Survive closing my store and starting class.
I'm here writing this post. Success?

3. Stay on top of my homework.
I'm giving a 50/50, because I got a 15/20 on my paper I handed in, and because I could have done better. I'm missing one journal update from lw too.

4. Walk Dogs @ least once.
Not only did I do this but I did it TWICE
the trick in this icky weather is to avoid the roads. 

5. Clean Bathroom, or at least get Eric to do it.

2.5/5 --- that's a pass isn't it?

So, for this week....
1. Hit the gym twice before or after class 
2. Prepare Spare Bedroom for visit from Bestie! 
3. Do my exercises every day! 
4. Figure out a solution to my kitchen clutter problem.
5. Make 1 more post this week on my blog

Show Off Your Dog’s Waistline Campaign

This is my Daisy girl. She's probably about 4 years old now. She's adopted from the SPCA last August. Unfortunately, we don't really know her story aside that they shaved her right down because she was badly matted.

When we took Daisy to the vet, around the same time this picture was taken, we found out that she was too slim. Thus, we have had the task of getting her to put on a little more weight to get to a better curve.   As much as this campaign is about focusing on slimming down our dogs, I want to reinforce that we need to remember to make sure they don't get too thin. The vet was concerned this might be an underlying issue. To our advantage, everything was ruled out (she was initially taken as a result of a bladder problem) and all we needed to do was increase her food intake! 

Underweight dogs can be a sign of parasites, dog diabetes, poor nutrition, and other factors

Today, Daisy is slowly gaining back some weight. She's not a big dog, and we keep her weight under control by ensuring she gets her daily walks and we've moved to an all-natural raw fed diet. 

The one thing I have regretted doing is going to get her dewormed as suggested by the vet. But I continue to watch her waistline, and as she has gained a little weight, everything looking good (because, let's get honest, vet appointments are tough on the wallet) 

Her hair is growing out, but her waist is thickening too! Points for good nutrition! 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Black& White Sunday

This week I feature not my dog, but my sister-in-law's dog, Rosie.
This is from Christmas 

And to bend the rules, here's a glimpse of what I've been up to this week.
Avoiding my homework on my first week of school by playing with puppies and photobooth. 


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