Sunday, 31 March 2013

Black and White Sunday

I wish I could say this is one of the easiest posts of the week, but its not. I have SOOO many beautiful pictures of my babies, it's so hard. Easter was just another long weekend, so nothing themed! Well, the pics came from today and their visit to my in-laws! 

Friday, 29 March 2013

Back on the Map

I've been gone for a few days/weeks. I have no excuse for my absence.
Part of it might be due to this beautiful weather we've been having. 

In my last post I mentioned that I had taken some more action on caring for my health. So here I am on Day 14 of my new food plan/diet and... 

It's hard.
I've fallen off tract a few times 
(I ate a peep today, I had quinoa a few days ago, I drink diet soda, I had icecream, I sprinkled sugar over my berries, I tried a french frie)
It's not as hard as I thought it would be, and for the most part I feel okay. 
It doesn't make me feel icky. So that's good, right?
It takes a lot more work than I anticipated. It means cooking at least two full meals a day (I get by with lunch by cooking a pot of chili or soup early on in the week)
And while it's hard, it's not as hard as I thought it would be, just keep the fridge stocked at all times. 

And in good news, I'm now down to 230 from 237! 
More to come later on everything. 
Puppies just got back from the groomers, and have some cute pictures to show off!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Black & White Sunday

These two puppies miss their Cousin! 

Taking Action on My Health

So, this week I really cracked down on taking care of my Vulvodynia this week. 
I went to counselling, who encouraged me to go to my doctor.
I went to the naturopath, and I attended my weekly physio. 

My counselor put in a request with mental health .
My doctor finally prescribed me some medication to help the pain! About time! 
Lidocane Gel and nortriptyline. 

The naturopath suggested a change in diet to re-regulate my hormones. 
So, here I am taking femagen and Vitamin D3 along with a revamp of what I eat. 
Protien and Fruit for Breakfast
Soup and vegetables for lunch.
Protien and vegetables for dinner.
Nuts and fruit and cheese for snacks.
No more bread, no more processed foods. 

So far, I have been successful. Haven't had any cravings for carbs. 
Let's see how it goes. Can't hurt to change my diet. 
I might even loose some weight! 

More info to come! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Last Night Cousin Rosy came over for a short stay. Caper had so much fun playing! But, poor Daisy she's such a mother hen around those two in the house.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Aboriginal Geography Project

Alrighty Peeps, So At the moment I am taking Geography 403, Indigenous First Nations Geography with Sarah De Leeuw at the university. She tasked us with a slightly unorthodox project (worth 20% of our grade) that involves us being creative in the/our representation of an indigenous geography.

So, here is my attempt at quilting for the very first time in less than 2 weeks. Don't look closely. It's poorly done, but it's done! (I think I might consider quilting as a new hobby, I will have to learn to sew better, be more patient, and invest in a quilting frame of sorts ---- also improve either my hand quilting or my machine quilting)

In this quilt tapestry, I have decided to represent three broad themes of indigenous geographies. 

1. On the bottom is the concept of the First Nations/Indian/Aboriginal as a "Noble Savage" and/or as a people uniquely connected to the land, the water, and the resources available. Within this landscape they create their own spaces and places.

2. In the middle is the representation of the the confusion of what are indigenous geographies.  Further, I look at these squares to represen the multiple facets of what First Nations geographies can look like. As a blank canvas this can be anything we want it to be. 

3. This represents the First Nation landscape related to art and modernity. One aspect I felt that I was coming across was the space we put them into - assuming that they were all one people, say one people who all did red and white art, or all loved eagles, etcetra...The second aspect that I wanted to express is that First Nations can be modern in their expression of their identities geographies both through art and through their lives. 

If you're reading this before Tuesday morning, feel free to offer some feedback/critique/opinions!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Trouble Puppy

Look at this dirty face. 
Sometimes I forgot that no matter how sweet Daisy is, she's still capable of trouble.
Her face looks like this when she gets into the garbage. 
That hound!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I miss my family.

My immediate family, missing the extended
I never imagined that living in another city would make me miss them so bad. 
I should have known since I came down with a terrible 'bout of homesickness which had my councillors doubting my return after winter break. 
I never really appreciated them as much as I wanted to.

To start with I have the greatest and mot caring parents. 
My grandparents are always loving and have an open door. 
My Uncle is funny and exciting. 
I have an Auntie who I idolize  I hope that I'll be as great as an Aunt as she was - she truly loved and cared for all of her nieces and nephews, and we always had so much fun. 
I have fond memories of the times i spent with my aunts and uncles and even my cousins. 
I hope that with my future family (is anyone else excited for 2016??!!!???!) will have such a positive and amazing experience. I hope that they will know their aunts and uncles and their grandparents and have amazing loving relationships. 
I wish I didn't feel so alone in this city. 
I have a few friends but something is still missing. 
I miss having someone to really talk too (but my big sis Marie is coming to visit) 

Monday, 4 March 2013

5 for Five

Follow Up On Last Week

1. Work on this killer skirt idea I have for this mint green fabric I picked up at Fabricland for cheap.
FAILED. But I bought more fabric! 

2. BLOG. Read Blogs.
3. Don't freak out about this new Geography Class
4. Rock my interviews.
I cancelled the Target interview, but I did get a call back for BC HYDRO!!!!!!!
5. Go to the gym on Wednesday and Friday.
Only Wednesday. Friday failed. 

So, I calculate 3/5

This Week
1. Rock my creative project for Geography
2. Continue to go to the gym on Wednesday and Friday
3. Find someone to TALK too.
4. Take some time for Vulvodynia.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

New Lights & A Few Tips

I finally pushed and complained enough that Eric and I finally made some commitments to changing out the lights in our house.
  (Need I remind that our house was ancient looking. It's a great little house, but it had ALL white walls, those yellow light switch covers, this ugly yellow wood, and it also has these ugly light fixtures to go with it's "I've never been updated" look.) 
Seriously? What is that? Ugly little light. I wanted to replace it with track lighting. you'll see what happened....

Honestly, there's just too much going on here, since the middle thing is the sky light! I just can't fix it the way I want to without ripping apart the whole kitchen
Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Lights

1. Bring along pictures of your rooms. 
Consider taking pictures at night when you actually use the light fixtures so you can understand how you want the space to look. 

2. Look at lots of lights, and check them out everywhere. 
Shop around. 
The boutique store downtown had $$$$ lights, but the lights we wanted ended up being bout the same price as the lights at Home Depot, and they ended up looking nicer.

3. When you decide on a light consider the lightbulb it needs, make sure it's something simple. 
the first light fixtures we picked for the kitchen had the weirdest lightbulbs. They didn't even sell them at Home Depot. Thus, we said, this isn't for us! We don't want to have to replace the fixture because we can no longer buy bulbs for it! 

4. Purchase lightbulbs  with the fixtures. 
I don't know how we counted wrong. but we are short one light. Whats the point of installing beautiful lights if you can't turn them on? 
We purchased led chandelier bulbs for the one set from Costco. Costco seems to have the best prices on led bulbs ATM. 
Why LED? No mercury is a big selling point for me. If you can afford it, it's a great option. Plus I think the bulbs like nicer than the curly-q

5. Consider Future Renovations and Current Fixtures
We already replaced one fixture in the kitchen. 
We talk about updating the flooring of the house so that was a consideration. how will these lights look with our future renovations?

I think that's all of my tips that I found useful. 
while it is beautiful and will match our future hardwood floors
it doesn't give off as much light as I want. Even Eric wishes it was more, but c'est le vie

we ended up matching the two other fixtures with the fixtures over the sink
It gives the kitchen WAY MORE light at night time.
As well as a much more modern and sleek look
Now we are looking for a fan! The fan we love has a crappy light kit and the fan in the kitchen is off-centre and I don't want to really make it a focal point because of it's weird position in the ceiling. 

We also need floor lamps. 


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