Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Goals

The New Year is a great reason to sit down and consider some resolutions, goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. With this also being the start of my school year since last January semester, and the end of my short lived retail career as a store manager, let's kick start the year right. 

1. Look & Feel Great About Myself
I wanted to leave this ambigous as it needs to encompass a few things.
a) I'd love to fit into my Silver jeans
b) I want to be under 190 pounds.
c) I want to feel sexy.
d) I want to feel beautiful naked. 

2. Get Closer to my Future
This sounds a little weird. But to keep it short... 
a) Work Hard & Get closer to finishing school.
b) Find an internship. 

3. Take back my Vulva
Keep my vulvodynia under control. Be proactive about my treatment.
a) Go to physiotherapy and do my homework.
b) seek out a psychologist. 
c) Take care of my body and my mind. 

4. Love my Puppies
I need to take care of them better
a) get Caper trained
b) take them for walks more often, at least 2-3 times a week

5. Finish/Figure Out My Bucket List

6. Finish Our House
a) get my gardens up and going in the summer
b) figure out some decor in the bedroom
c) finish the kitchen cabinets
d) Bathroom needs to be done
e) put up that hand rail 

It might be a little more than 5... but


Found this, love it, along with the above, this is also going up


  1. I definitely need to focus on more walks with my dogs this year. I'm a fair weather walker and it isn't fair to them.

    1. If the winter days weren't so short and miserable it would be easier!

  2. hahah doing 5 is overrated anyway!

    im so with you on 6. i dont have a house but im traveling to another country to live with my bf for a few months and i want to keep trying to make it more homey and do more decorating. im on a very tight budget though! aha

    great resolutions :) happy new year!



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