Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Quick Update on Eric's Projects

Eric is my dear husband, and like myself he has his own set of projects. Unlike my projects, his projects are usually centered around tools (especially power tools) and making a really really big mess (aside from me, who only makes a big mess).

So, let's review what he's done in the house! Keep in mind, it has been over a month we've been in the house!

1. Our very first project was putting in a shower curtain rod in the bathroom since the house didn't even come with a shower curtain rod! (previous owner was kind of a very cheap person) So before we even got started we needed a rod, and Eric and I splurged and bought one that is built into the wall and one with a curve! Yay more Space! We put a matching one downstairs too.

2. Sound Insulating the 'Basement Suite.' Because the basement suite is on the ground floor and it was kinda noisy before, now it's not! Yay! Eric made such a mess and it took only 6 packages of that stuff (in which only one ended up smelling like rotten fish and we had to return)

What does he think he's gotten himself into! 

It didn't take long for him to learn that this project needed a face mask! 

It required Eric having to take down all of the stupid tiles and then put them up again. It took much begging for Eric not to replace the tiles. (like seriously, it's just our suite, how rich does he think we are!)

3.  Eric helped me take down all of the kitchen cabinet doors! I don't know if this counts as one of his projects, but he took the task over from me and just went to town using all of his tools! 

4. Installing the Dishwasher! This was one of our next big tasks! Well, Eric's projects. We replaced our new appliances and because our new fridge was too big for the 'fridge spot' we had a hole, a perfect spot to build in a dishwasher! And I wanted a dishwasher! Life is now simple and easy. 

Step one of this project involved Eric spending some time under the sink putting together the plumbing. This took forever!!!!!!! the plastic and the copper and the .... Eric took 5 trips to Home Depot that glorious weekend! 

Step two involved some electrical which went undocumented. This step would be later undone when Eric and his brother decided to wire it in (where the old garbarater was) instead of plug it in. The plug was later moved upwards where it is now accessible above cabinet.

huh, how are we going to do this!

This is where it's going. 

and push! 
Step three required some help from Eric's dad in building the case to fit the dishwasher. The case they built was too small. Remember the measure too many times and cut once! He did manage to fit it in! And it's quite like mouse! 

Look what I found under the sink! 

5.  Replacing and fixing all of the light switches and outlets. I don't have a before pictures but they were those stupid yellow ones with the little flick thing. Eric hated them, and after painting he bought some new decor ones and changed all the ones in the house. He even fliped all of the outlets so that they look like mickey mouses and you can easily plug stuff in! 

 6. Project 6 is incomplete. He's adding a new fan in the bathroom. There was never one, and Eric fears the winter in that bathroom. Here is a shot of the bathroom. 
 7. While doing project 6 we decided to replace the horrible yellow gold light fixture with something more modern! 

So not that quick! 

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