Thursday, 2 August 2012

Product Review - Bissell Little Green ProHeat

Oh, my first product review! But I just have to because I love this!

I had been borrrowing my sister-in-law's upright Bissell to clean up the carpet after Caper, but, then, naturally, she wanted it back. I had seen this little guy at Costco. It's a steal at $99. 

It's a Bissell Little Green ProHeat and its a portable steam cleaner. Easy to transport, easy to clean, and surprisingly effective!

The Bissell you have to build, and its relatively easy! Comes with many cool accessories, none of which I have used. The main tool works just fine in my opinion. 

This is a pee stain, and then there were no more pee stains --- quick and easy. 
Plus, it was easier to control, and easier to target the stains I wanted to get at. With a puppy, stains get everywhere, especially in places that the upright vacuum wasn't easily getting at. 

All in All, I give this little guy 5 stars! And a recommendation to anyone wanting a sturdy, effective steam cleaner! 

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