Friday, 24 August 2012

Welcoming Puppy #02

Call us crazy, we brought home another dog.

Growing up, I was a cat person. My husband says I was lying to myself, I'm truly a dog person.

In May we bought Caper, a poodle cross shih tzu x cotton du tuleau. He is now 5 months old, and a little bundle of joy. We babysat the beasts and Caper was extraordinarily happy. He loves other dogs, and they make him so happy. Naturally, the only answer was to get another dog!

We searched on Kijiji and the inter webs. I wanted to get an older dog, similar in size. Further, research and discussion with other dog owners widened our scope of needs - hypoallergenic, preferably female, no barkers, less than $400....

Then on the SPCA website I found 'Roxie'. 'Roxie' is now Miss. Daisy, and she is a havanese shih tzu cross. The next morning I had Eric go to the SPCA ASAP and check her out. We had already lost Sally by returning 2 hours too late... Already spayed, we brought her home that day!

 She's 3 years, 6 months, and a big sweet heart. she doesn't bark, she loves the dog bed I bought Caper that Caper ignores, and she hates her sleeping kennel. Miss. Daisy needs some help with inside training, but she's adorable, and a great addition to the family. This is the moment in which I shower you with cute adorable pictures of my dogs from the past few days!!

Hopefully, we can explore the training of my dogs.... to click or not to click?
To pack walk, or not to?
To Caesar, or not?

Any training suggestions for my two pups!

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