Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Secret to Better Waffles

The first Birthday that Eric and I spent together, I received a waffle maker. It was one of those lying in bed the sunday before my birthday debating what to have for breakfast moments, when he had me open his gift for me early. I really think the waffle maker was less a gift for me and more a gift for him. Don't get me wrong, I love waffles, but Eric, he loves waffles more than anything. Take example -- I only eat one, He eats 4, and then some.

So, since these early days of waffle making of been working on perfecting the recipe. This is what I know so far

1. The more butter the better --- go all out, use a full cup of that melted goodness.
2. Real 3% Buttermilk is the only way to do it.
3. Whip those egg whites, and fold them in. It makes the waffles that much nicer (and less of a mess, I find when cleaning my waffle machine)

And now for my latest secret --- discovered while prowling the interwebs last night on pinterest ----

4. 1 tbsp of Amaretto!
That's right, that almondy liquor that you'll spend twenty minutes trying to find in the liquor store --- makes a world of difference. It brings waffles to the next level. My DH couldn't tell the difference, but I think his taste buds were overwhelmed with the syrup, whipcream, and sugary fruit that piled tall on his waffle.

So, with that I leave... Waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

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