Monday, 27 August 2012

Wedding Greatness - Photographer

Before I get too into all the great details of my wedding, I should perhaps introduce one of my best spent money and most grateful elements --- MY PHOTOGRAPHER.

We had hummed and hawed about wedding photographers. They seemed out of our budget, we didn't want to spend more on a photographer than we did on our reception! That seemed a little ridiculous. We had a $10,000 budget (no idea what was actually spent) and for a great deal we scooped up Allison Suter! Relocating to the Vancouver area she offered a great deal for our April Wedding!

At the end of a long day!

As the the day, we got 8 hours of photography capturing the basics of getting ready to the ceremony, reception and then an hour hanging out at Fort Langley at the old CN Station I wanted. 

I love my photos! They look great on my wall, and on my facebook page. This was the best money we spent, and going forward, its the money I tell brides they wont ever regret they spent! Especially if they pick a photographer who suits their style and tastes and understands what they want and need from their day. I am most grateful that I got some wicked sweet pictures with the trains!

Anyways, Check out Allison's website! She has loads of great shoots and weddings! Perhaps even book her for one of your events, you wont regret it! I wish she could do my maternity, or family pictures, but undoubtingly, we don't live in the lowermainland

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