Saturday, 16 March 2013

Taking Action on My Health

So, this week I really cracked down on taking care of my Vulvodynia this week. 
I went to counselling, who encouraged me to go to my doctor.
I went to the naturopath, and I attended my weekly physio. 

My counselor put in a request with mental health .
My doctor finally prescribed me some medication to help the pain! About time! 
Lidocane Gel and nortriptyline. 

The naturopath suggested a change in diet to re-regulate my hormones. 
So, here I am taking femagen and Vitamin D3 along with a revamp of what I eat. 
Protien and Fruit for Breakfast
Soup and vegetables for lunch.
Protien and vegetables for dinner.
Nuts and fruit and cheese for snacks.
No more bread, no more processed foods. 

So far, I have been successful. Haven't had any cravings for carbs. 
Let's see how it goes. Can't hurt to change my diet. 
I might even loose some weight! 

More info to come! 

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