Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Aboriginal Geography Project

Alrighty Peeps, So At the moment I am taking Geography 403, Indigenous First Nations Geography with Sarah De Leeuw at the university. She tasked us with a slightly unorthodox project (worth 20% of our grade) that involves us being creative in the/our representation of an indigenous geography.

So, here is my attempt at quilting for the very first time in less than 2 weeks. Don't look closely. It's poorly done, but it's done! (I think I might consider quilting as a new hobby, I will have to learn to sew better, be more patient, and invest in a quilting frame of sorts ---- also improve either my hand quilting or my machine quilting)

In this quilt tapestry, I have decided to represent three broad themes of indigenous geographies. 

1. On the bottom is the concept of the First Nations/Indian/Aboriginal as a "Noble Savage" and/or as a people uniquely connected to the land, the water, and the resources available. Within this landscape they create their own spaces and places.

2. In the middle is the representation of the the confusion of what are indigenous geographies.  Further, I look at these squares to represen the multiple facets of what First Nations geographies can look like. As a blank canvas this can be anything we want it to be. 

3. This represents the First Nation landscape related to art and modernity. One aspect I felt that I was coming across was the space we put them into - assuming that they were all one people, say one people who all did red and white art, or all loved eagles, etcetra...The second aspect that I wanted to express is that First Nations can be modern in their expression of their identities geographies both through art and through their lives. 

If you're reading this before Tuesday morning, feel free to offer some feedback/critique/opinions!

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  1. Oh, I didn't read this post before this morning, sorry! Butts, I do loves it!! I think it's great! I can't believe it's one of your furst trys! FABulous!



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