Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I miss my family.

My immediate family, missing the extended
I never imagined that living in another city would make me miss them so bad. 
I should have known since I came down with a terrible 'bout of homesickness which had my councillors doubting my return after winter break. 
I never really appreciated them as much as I wanted to.

To start with I have the greatest and mot caring parents. 
My grandparents are always loving and have an open door. 
My Uncle is funny and exciting. 
I have an Auntie who I idolize  I hope that I'll be as great as an Aunt as she was - she truly loved and cared for all of her nieces and nephews, and we always had so much fun. 
I have fond memories of the times i spent with my aunts and uncles and even my cousins. 
I hope that with my future family (is anyone else excited for 2016??!!!???!) will have such a positive and amazing experience. I hope that they will know their aunts and uncles and their grandparents and have amazing loving relationships. 
I wish I didn't feel so alone in this city. 
I have a few friends but something is still missing. 
I miss having someone to really talk too (but my big sis Marie is coming to visit) 

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