Friday, 7 September 2012

Blog Updates! Whoot!

We updated the header! And I use 'we' because, while I started the project, the project was soon taken over by my Dear Hubby who decided that he was better at this type of stuff.

I did some googling and discovered some tutorials and some hints and tips and finally downloaded the free photoshopping type software called Gimp.

Ultimately, I learn best by playing with stuff! So, I just fiddled around while DH got irritated and frustrated that I wasn't accomplishing anything and then when I came home from my appt/work (who knows) I found it almost finished! SAY WHAT! ERIC.

Anyways, not going to complain, but with that said, I still don't really know how to use Gimp. We also decided I needed a new title, and blog titles are hard to think of when you feel under pressure. We threw some ideas around and my surprisingly uncreative husband came up with some horrible ones that are not the current title....le sigh.

It is what it is! Enjoy!

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