Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday Letters & A Puppy Dog Visit


Dear Time: Holy shit where did the time go? It's almost Christmas

Dear Rosy: Thanks for visiting your cousins last night, I'm sorry Caper and Daisy didn't take to liking you. But maybe another time. They just wanted to lie around after their stressful day at the groomers. Maybe if you had slowed down, and them sniff you and do the doggy greet they wouldn't have spent the entire hour growling at you while you ran around the house like a crazy person. 

Dear Caper:  I love how poodle-like you look after a hair cut.

Dear Husband: If you botch my stocking, so help me god!

Dear Retail: Please be gentle, I know we are going into the busiest weekend of the year, and my store is closing, but let's be gentle. I  want to be successful and kick some ass. 

Dear Husband and Snow: Was it really worth it to bend/break the screen in the spare bedroom so we could spend ten minutes laughing about pushing the snow off the roof and falling to the ground? Ithink come summertime we will regret this! 

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    xx sandra



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