Monday, 24 December 2012

Letters to Santa

Tales and Tails have written letters to Santa from their dogs... I know it sounds silly, but it kind of sounds fun. Just like how i really wish I had taken them for photos with Santa.

Here's one from Daisy.

Dear Santa,

I hope you can find me. I've switched homes from last year, but I'm so very happy at my new home, with my new mom and dad, and even with my obnoxious little brother. I've been a very good girl this. I never get in trouble, and I always come when called. I know there have been a few times I got lost, and a few times I had accidents in the house, but I know my way home, and the vet fixed my leaky bladder.

For Christmas, I want you to bring Caper his own bed. I really don't like sharing the one brown bed we have. He sometimes thinks it's his, but it's really mine. But aside from that, I dont need anything. I don't really like toys and I really don't want any toothbrushes, though I do know that mom and dad would like that very much!

Anyways, I'll try not to wake mom and dad with my barking when you come to visit. Though you'll need to be super quiet and come in when I can't see or hear you.

Always good,
Miss. Daisy.

Here's one from Caper

Dear Santa,

It's my first Christmas. Mom keeps talking about presents and people, and the house looks totally different now. I think I've been nice, but I might have been more naughty. It's not my fault! I'm still a puppy and I'm still learning. I love chewing on things, so for Christmas can you bring me some more toys, maybe some with out stuffing, since mom and dad get angry when the stuffing is sprayled across the floor of the living room. I love the squeakiest ones possible please!

Also, I'm thinking that the best Christmas gift would be training lessons. I don't come when called, and I 'm not very well behaved. Daisy could also use some work and thne mom and dad would love us more.

Let Mrs. Claus know that I don't need any clothes. My poodle coat is warm enough, and I dont want to look ridiculous. how am I supposed to get the ladies?

Thanks! I'll try to be better, and stop chewing and eating on everything.

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