Monday, 25 February 2013

5 for Five

This past week represents an ultimate blog fail. It was Reading Week here in Canada and with that comes ABSOLUTELY NO STRUCTURE! Without structure I don't have my daily exercises, my water intake and my blogging. Because like any good little blogger I watch the news while reading blogs while eating my granola and yogurt. Between homework assignments I take a moment to blog.
I didn't even post a Black and White Sunday! :O I took pictures for one though!

So, let's start the week off like we should, with a 5 for five

With Monday coming to a close, let's follow up
Follow Up On Last Week

1) Go to they gym once
2) go skiing once
3) Book myself and the dogs a hair cut.
Dogs are done. 
me. not so much. 

4) Organise File cabinet in Office

5) Tidy office.
looks around.... meh... it's still a mess in here


1. Work on this killer skirt idea I have for this mint green fabric I picked up at Fabricland for cheap.
2. BLOG. Read Blogs.
3. Don't freak out about this new Geography Class
4. Rock my interviews.
5. Go to the gym on Wednesday and Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Well done mate. I actually did something like this too and really takes a lot of time on cleaning my bisley filing cabinets because I need to really be careful with all the files there.



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