Thursday, 28 February 2013

Puppies & Geography & Big Brother

I'll start with Geography. 
I am starting to dread the return to school. Maybe, I don't miss having to do research papers. 

Currently, my block course this turn is in the study of Indigenous/First Nation Geographies and our professor has challenged us to 2 things.
1. To do something creative that represents our idea/experience of indigenous geographies. 
this is so much fun, not. 
I think I'm knowing what I'm doing. 
I'm going to learn to Quilt something. 
Stay tuned for the final project! 

2. To do a research presentation on this topic of First Nation Geographies. 
that's it. nothing else. 
I have an idea --- Something Urban, butI don't know what I'm looking at, or for.
I don't know what my thesis is. 

In the process of avoiding working on these projects I bring forward some pictures of PUPPIES!
As you may already know, we got a dump of snow. After our beautiful walk at the dog park we hit up another beautiful park. However, unfortunately not enough people go to Forests for the World, and the snow was deep and horrible to walk through. We just let the puppies play in the snow before we went home

 Subsequently got stuck in the snow. This required the help of some good old sturdy men! unfortunately, Ashley's is out of town, and mine was at the work! So to the Dads! Ashley's Dad came to the rescue. Now if any of you reading this are wondering what to get for her upcoming birthday, a small shovel for the car would be great! maybe a collapsable one. I'd get it, but I already have something else in mind. 

Just being Beautiful

Watching for Ashley 
cold wet puppy cuddle pile

anyone else following Big Brother Canada, what do you think? 
Too early to tell? 
I don't know if I ever really watch these types of shows.
Currently chilling out to Criminal Minds. 

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