Monday, 4 February 2013

5 for Five

Follow Up On Last Week

1. Write my RealPenPal.
it just didn't happen. sorry.

2. Survive closing my store and starting class.
I'm here writing this post. Success?

3. Stay on top of my homework.
I'm giving a 50/50, because I got a 15/20 on my paper I handed in, and because I could have done better. I'm missing one journal update from lw too.

4. Walk Dogs @ least once.
Not only did I do this but I did it TWICE
the trick in this icky weather is to avoid the roads. 

5. Clean Bathroom, or at least get Eric to do it.

2.5/5 --- that's a pass isn't it?

So, for this week....
1. Hit the gym twice before or after class 
2. Prepare Spare Bedroom for visit from Bestie! 
3. Do my exercises every day! 
4. Figure out a solution to my kitchen clutter problem.
5. Make 1 more post this week on my blog

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