Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vulvodynia on Vacation

Pre Vacation Thoughts:
"yes, I'm going on vacation. We're going on vacation. This means lots of rest, relaxation, and lazy days. Without dogs, chores, and work, I wont have any reasons to feel stressed or uptight. This will ultimately mean more desire, my 'sexy time.' This will be great. I'll even pack some nice clothes, some lingerie, it'll be the best time EVER. Like the honeymoon I wish I had (minus the sex stuff, because intercourse = still SCARY)" 

Now Fast Forward to Vacation Reality. 

Vacation = Swimsuits, Alcohol, Changes in Diet, Salt Water
4 things that your vulva isn't a fan of. 

I'm not sure about the 'science' on last one, but I know for me when I went in the ocean, my vulva burned the minute I got out. 

Swimsuits = overly tight garment on your vulva. no beuno. 
For my next vacation must find a better swimsuit --- maybe boy shorts?

Alcohol = It's on the no list.
All I know is they suggest you cut alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine from your diet when you have vulvodynia. while I'm not a big drinker, vacation changed that, especially when the bar opens at 11, and champagne is always available at breakfast.
For my next vacation I must remember to go virgin or go water.

Changes in Diet = changes in everything.
Your urine changes, your pH changes, you body changes. It's likely to had influenced my down there.

Pro-Active Things I knew to Prep for Vacation

Personal Hygiene - I brought my own soap and shampoo.
I use Dove products.
But my doctors say that a simple shampoo change can change rates of pain and such!

I didn't bring any clothing I know causes troubles for me.
For me this is primarily jeans and lulu lemon pants.
I also brought baby powder and comfy underwear to prevent a build up of moisture.

.... unfortunately, that's all...

So, for you Vulvodynia sufferers out there keep swimsuits, alcohol, diet, and sea water in mind for your next vacation. We know that we will be hitting up a different location next time. 

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