Monday, 18 February 2013

5 for Five

With Monday coming to a close, let's follow up
Follow Up On Last Week

1) enjoy me time. check. 
Husband got me rose petals and I light some candles, got a glass of wine, and had a nice long relaxing bath. 
I also went to the gym once. I consider that me time. 

2) Have a fantastic V-Day, make hubby feel special.
hm. Not sure. 

3) Apply for Internships for the summer
6 down! YAHOO!

4) Get the house back together both for dinner tonight and Mallory Next week.
I believe so. House is looking good. 
I organised my closets, my pantry and made the bed in the spare room

5) Sort photos from younger days into the photo book I bought
yes. well, I couldn't find the photos from Eric's side of the family

So, Great week 4.5/5!

It's now Reading week, and I have the whole week off.
With all of this less work and all of this free time, I'm starting to run out of things to do.

1) Go to they gym once
2) go skiing once
3) Book myself and the dogs a hair cut.
4) Organise File cabinet in Office
5) Tidy office.

Sounds Good, Peace! 

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