Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Snow Puppies

Long haired small dogs = A SNOW NIGHTMARE! 

The picture speaks a thousand words. We were probably 2/3 through our walk at the dog park when I had to pick her up and carry her back. I had picked her up a few times and broken the snowballs off her belly, but alas, no avail. She had no coat on that day, but her coat wouldn't have prevented the issue. 
Poor little havanese. 
Her poodle brother doesn't have this problem because we cut his coat right down. :) 
he just gets cold now. 

So what did we do? WE WENT TO THE PET STORE!
And found her something more practical. 

Today we tested it out. 

Verdit --- slightly better option.
But she still got snow up on the bottom half of her legs and on the far end of her belly.
They did have a long underwear style sweater... that might have been better. 

I think she might have to rock her muttlucks! 

Especially if we continue to have this horrible, but beautiful, wet snow. It's been like a foot of snow in the past day or so... such a surprise after spring-like weather for most of January/February

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