Monday, 18 February 2013

Wedding Mondays - Trash the Dress

Has anyone considered this? My anniversary is sneaking up. Is it bad that I still haven't taken my dress to the dry cleaners? Is it a lack of empathy? A lack of care? Or am I just lazy? I think it's lazy/forgetfullness.
Seriously, who remembers to take their dress to the dry cleaners.

 Alright, onto the topic of discussion. When does one trash the dress? Is one year too soon? Maybe it'd be fun to do with the puppies and the husband. Or maybe just the puppies. But puppies are so rotten! Someone reminded me about how cute wedding photos would have been if we had had our puppies. My puppies are so cute, as you see! I think I want to do it in the rain. If not, in the snow, riding tobaggons.... Or on our next tropical vacation.

I've now added a plethora of ideas to my pinterest board while I figure out when an acceptable time to do such a stunt will be, and find a Prince George photographer. :)

Just found this GREAT BLOG! Trash the dress while washing the dog! My dogs would look miserable afterwards but it would be so fricking cute!

I'm thinking now..... Caper, Daisy, maybe Eric @ Ginters in the Rain.... Or August, my backyard washing dogs.

Hm... what do you think


  1. Dry cleaning should be done before and after use for the purpose of preserving its elegance and the quality of the dress, especially if your family has a tradition of passing it down to the next generation. I advise you have it dry cleaned by a professional and store it where it won't get kaput. _Marion Russell @

  2. WOW! I love the images! It's very relaxing in the eyes and it is totally awesome..!



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