Monday, 11 February 2013

5 for five.

Follow Up On Last Week

1. Hit the gym twice before or after class
ya. didn't happen.
2. Prepare Spare Bedroom for visit from Bestie! 
1/2 way done this one. 

3. Do my exercises every day! 
I should keep better track

4. Figure out a solution to my kitchen clutter problem.
well, It looks better?

5. Make 1 more post this week on my blog

So, not too bad? Well, maybe....

Alright this week.
1) enjoy me time
2) Have a fantastic V-Day, make hubby feel special.
3) Apply for Internships for the summer
4) Get the house back together both for dinner tonight and Mallory Next week.
5) Sort photos from younger days into the photo book I bought

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