Monday, 4 February 2013

Show Off Your Dog’s Waistline Campaign

This is my Daisy girl. She's probably about 4 years old now. She's adopted from the SPCA last August. Unfortunately, we don't really know her story aside that they shaved her right down because she was badly matted.

When we took Daisy to the vet, around the same time this picture was taken, we found out that she was too slim. Thus, we have had the task of getting her to put on a little more weight to get to a better curve.   As much as this campaign is about focusing on slimming down our dogs, I want to reinforce that we need to remember to make sure they don't get too thin. The vet was concerned this might be an underlying issue. To our advantage, everything was ruled out (she was initially taken as a result of a bladder problem) and all we needed to do was increase her food intake! 

Underweight dogs can be a sign of parasites, dog diabetes, poor nutrition, and other factors

Today, Daisy is slowly gaining back some weight. She's not a big dog, and we keep her weight under control by ensuring she gets her daily walks and we've moved to an all-natural raw fed diet. 

The one thing I have regretted doing is going to get her dewormed as suggested by the vet. But I continue to watch her waistline, and as she has gained a little weight, everything looking good (because, let's get honest, vet appointments are tough on the wallet) 

Her hair is growing out, but her waist is thickening too! Points for good nutrition! 

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely girl! Too thin isn't good either; particularly unexplained weight loss is a cause for concern.

    Most people have the opposite problem, though.

    Thank you for participating in the campaign.



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