Sunday, 21 April 2013

All Done

On Friday I handed in my 30 page paper on Neighbourhoods & Health: Uncovering the built urban form and its role in enabling or disabling neighbourhood health outcomes.

On Saturday, I finished my last shift at La Vie En Rose for the time being. 

On Sunday, I had my last Sorority Meeting of the school year (Our AGM). 

And now what? 

I don't start work until April 30, 2013 (Our 1 year Wedding Anniversary). 
My house is not overly clean, but come on, we are still laying flooring. 
And, really, it wont take me THAT long. 
Now what? 

I'm going to visit the fam-jam and the city on Wednesday. I can't wait. 
I miss my husband though. He's not home. 
I wish he was. 
Life is lonely here in the North. 

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