Sunday, 14 April 2013

Swirly Jars - Pinterest Pin

I found this great pin a while back and had to try it

Centsational Girl does a great tutorial. Check out her site for the tutorial. 
My living room is accented with shades of lime green, so naturally I did greens. 
(pre tip: check your colours before starting, my one colour is too camouflage looking for my comfort)

But here are my tips. 

1. You're going to use more paint than you think. I used up three little bottles. 
(Mind you some were partially used, and I might have used too much paint).
you can't have too much of a good thing, can you?

2. Check the consistencies of your paint before you start. 
One was nice. perfect. 
One was too gunky/thick. 
I, personally, think it would be better to add a little water to the paint in the bottle and shake it all about till you get the right texture. "sprinkling" water into the vase like I did was a major fail, especially when some paints didn't need to be lightened up. 

3. Clean up the edges before it dries. 

4. Don't use too much paint because then you'll have to drain it and your swirls might get mixed up. 

5. If you can, I'd recommend rotating throughout the drying period. I have one side which you can tell was the side that I let it dry over night on. I don't really like that side. 

I tried to hide the messed up side in the shadow on purpose. I don't want people to know it's there!
Will I do it again? 
As soon as I can find a home for another vase and a reason to do this craft again. 
(because seriously, I can't just have a collection of glass jars everywhere. 
*must have a purpose before crafting*

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  1. Oh, that came out great!! Ma is all jealous of your crafty skills!!



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