Friday, 26 April 2013

Traveling with Puppies, Part 1

I love my puppies. 
And for that, they are with me on my visit of my fam-jam in the big old city of Vancouver
 I love it here, it is so unbelievably gorgeous. I'd love to live here... 

When traveling with puppies, it's very much like traveling with babies. 
Or at least my dogs are. 
And with such, I have a running tally with my sister-in law
Current Score Furbabies 1: Babies 1. 

Why the tie? 
Furbabies 1 : Furbabies you can leave unaccompanied  or in the company of basically anyone (no skills needed here). However, this is narrowly defined in a home. I can abandon them at my moms, my dads and anyone else's' who will let me. I can't abandon them in a hotel room, unfortunately. 

Babies 1 : Babies you can take with you in places, such as the bathroom, 
the restaurant, the mall, etcetra. 
On my way to Chilliwack today, I wish I could stop and go shopping, but I can't because then I'd have to leave furbabies alone in the car... not always the best idea!

Both Furbabies and babies require a LOT of stuff. 
My puppies have a big box of dehydrated food (very much like formula)
A big tote of toys.
A playpen-kennel. 
One Bed, two blankets, and a pillow... the list goes on. 
My furbabies don't sleep through the night. They require the use of the bathroom in the middle, or at 6:30 - which totally sucks, this comes from them having free access to a dog door. 

My furbabies cry when they aren't happy - like last night when I forced Caper to sleep in the play-pen with Daisy instead of allowing him to cuddle with me. 

Stay Posted.  I'm traveling/in Vancouver for the next week.

Sleeping in the back seat. As long as they don't need to go to the bathroom, this is what they do once we hit highway speeds. Slower speeds, they beging to wake up and start taking interest in the world
Driving through rush hour traffic in Surrey with the window down. Going no faster than 40km/hour,
Daisy  loved this experience. Caper joined in for a little fun.
At the end of the night, playing at the grassy nole near my Dad's house
Puppies are so excited to see green grass!

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