Friday, 12 April 2013

Hardwood Dilema 1

Remember When I showed you this picture of my DH earlier this week? 
Did anyone notice something odd or strange about it? 
We didn't either. Home Depot didn't either. The delivery man didn't either. 

So, we started chugging all that wood to the top of our house. 
We live on the second floor, and rent out a unit on the first floor. 
We are redoing the entire top floor (minus the bathroom and two bedrooms)
in solid chestnut coloured bamboo. 

DH and I only got half way through before we were tired and exhausted. 
I should actually say him, the boxes weigh 60lbs and I can't really lift one without a lot of complaining. 

So, we asked my SIL if she knew any kids who wanted money to lift up hardwood to the top floor. 
She knew herself. So we paid her 50$ to move the remaining hardwood. 
Now when Phil and Ashley finished the project. They sat down and Phil said something along the lines of 'you have a lot of wood' and then gestured to the pile in the dining room and said thata could finish the house! Well, then what about the pile in the kitchen? the hallway? the spare bedroom? 
He asked if we measured and ordered correctly. DH runs through it in his head. yes. he did. 
I pulled out the order contract. 36 boxes that looks about right. 
Now, hold on, how many boxes did we get? So we run around panicking and counting. 
The dinning room pile has 31. 
The kitchen pile has 15
There are 15 in the hallway... 
SHIT! 72 boxes of hardwood! 

See, two flats delivered. 
And nobody noticed it was too much. 
Our Neighbour had commented on the massive flooring project. 
But we are newbies, I didn't know how much was really in a box. 

So, after debating what to do, I called Home Depot the next morning. 
Flooring department wasn't in yet, so I left a message "They delivered too much flooring"
The lady calls back, they thank us very much for calling them. 
They'll be by to pick it up. 
They can't help me move back downstairs. 
So I tell them they have to wait till Saturday to pick it up. I can't move them, I'll have to wait for husband to be home. 

So Saturday they are picking up the extra pallet. Apparently the vender screwed up. That's what they are insisting. I know how it kind of happened since our order got a little complicated when she had to 'return' and 'resell' us the hardwood so that it would be delivered properly.

Yesterday, Eric went to Home Depot and asked about buying some of it back. 
Well, why not? We have a master bedroom I'd like to do too. The spare maybe carpet. 
So, she sold us 8 additional boxes at 50% off! score! 
Now we only have to move 28 boxes downstairs! 

What would you have done?
It's one of those tough moral/ethical questions....

In other news, carpets out. 
Starting to lie the subfloor, and then Phil says he can get it in over the weekend. 
Looks like I'm making ribs this weekend! 

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