Friday, 19 April 2013


Are my Big Brother Canada days coming to an end? 
It was inevitable, there are only a couple of weeks left. 

But with Peter gone, I don't have anything left to live for. 
Perhaps he wasn't meant to win, but he sure made the house fun, and manageable. 

As for now, let's see... 
Jillian - Can't make up her mind, keeps making false alliances with everyone, is major power tripping, and seems to be a lying whore. To phrase it nicely. I can't stand your games, they don't make sense. 
Talla - I prefer your nickname "Lala" all that bitching you did this past week wants me gone, plus you've totally floated you're way to the top. I have no respect for you, you seem like a spoiled little brat. 
Andrew - I don't actually mind you, and wished Jillian wasn't playing you. 
Emmett - you went with Jillian instead of with Peter, for that I don't trust you. Follow you're own drum. You've played a good game, and I'd like to see you and Andrew in the final three. 
Gary - I don't love you. I don't hate you. I just didn't like the first few weeks, you got better when the house guests started liking you. Not entirely sure. Maybe you could join Emmett and Andrew. 

Will I watch next week, maybe. But I'll probably fast forward through all the bullshit and just learn the concluding results. 
At this point, I no longer care about the drama that pursues, I just want to know who wins. 

Realistically, I should get back to my 30 page paper due tomorrow on place-based health effects in geography. 

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