Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bucket List

A while back, I mentioned that I wanted to complete a Bucket List. I think it's extremely important to have things in your life that you strive for and you want to do. Ambitions, dreams, goals, fantasies. Something to keep us motivated and enjoy life.

So, here it goes. Here is my Bucket List of all the things in the world that I want to do from this point forward.

1. Complete my Bachelors Degree.
2. Have a daughter.
3. Watch a meteror Shower.
3. Watch the Northern Lights
4. Complete a journal.
5. Have a wardrobe I love.
6. Have a pen pal, somebody I do know (aside from Mallory) and somebody I don't know
7. Get a small tattoo that means a lot.
8. Throw a dart at a map and travel there.
9. Participate in a really fun marathon.
10. Finish an Entire Colouring Book
11. Write a love letter.
12. Travel to the South of France.
13. Visit the Alps.
14. Attend my 10th and on reunions at Cottey College.
15. Visit Megan Smith whereever she is.
16. Reconnect with old friends (Particularly Maggie and Erin)
17. Travel across Canada.
18. Take the ferry from Rupert to Vancouver Island.
19. Canoe the Bowron Lakes.
20. Fall back in love with the outdoors.
21. Finish a quilt.
22. Eat Lobster on the East Coast.
23. Make a difference in someone's community.
24. Be an active member of my community.
25. Be an amazing friend.
26. Travel on a girls trip.
27. Visit Belgium.
28. Be the best Auntie ever.
29. Have a cabin.
30. love myself and my body.
31. Enjoy life.
32. Travel with my husband.
33. Do something I wouldnt do.
34. Take a train trip somewhere really cool!
35. Be independent, do something completely on my own.
36. Create my own family traditions.
37. Have great sex.
38. Have my breathe taken away by the landscape.
39. See my grandchildren.
40. Volunteer More.

Tomorrow, I'll print this list off, post it on the wall, and start working through it. I might even add a few more ideas! Do you have a bucket list?

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