Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chalk Coloured Puppies

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law Ashley was over with her puppy for a puppy-play date. 
We sent my DH out for Blizzards, reeses peanut butter cup, and in the meanwhile, we got board. 
The idea sparked that we should colour our puppies! But how! 

A little while earlier I had seen Pet Grooming: The Good, the Band, and the Furry colour a puppy and she used chalk! So, I pulled out the chalk and we went all out. 

Mind the terrible pictures, low light and figidity dogs = not my BFF
Caper got a green tail and a green back

Rosey had her white spots turned purple

Daisy got some some pink highlights
How did we do it?
1. Soak Chalk. 
Do soak it for as long as she suggests. We only soaked for like three minutes - because we were impatient, but wait the full ten so the chalk gets all soft and easy to use! 

2. Rub on dog fur. 
Not as easy as it looks for the more frigidity. Daisy stayed still, Caper loathed me. 

3. Spray with a light dusting of hair spray. 
We didn't spray Rosey because of her sensitive skin (Boston Terrier, you know) 
and she lost almost all of her colour

4. Let them run wild. 
Daisy's lasted the longest.
Caper had a hint of green in her tail for a while

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