Monday, 1 April 2013

Where Life's At

Living in Prince George continues to be a struggle. 
Part of what I'm doing with both my doctors is to be happier, but there's only so much drugs and new eating habits can do to make my overall mood happier. There must be other wives, other students going through these phases. 

I'm Happy Because
I love my husband and I get to live with him. 
I love my two puppies, Miss. Daisy and Caper. 
I have a home, a home which I make more and more beautiful each day. 
I am going to school and studying a topic I love. 
My husband supports me in my current and future ambitions. 
It's kind of beautiful up here. 
I have a few friends, my sister-in-law Ashley is wonderful, 
and I enjoy when I get the rare opportunity to hang out with some of my sorority sisters.
I really enjoy my job in retail lingerie and my coworkers.

I'm Sad Because
I miss my family, my mom and dad, and EVERYONE else. 
I miss my friends - Omar, Mallory, Jaclyn, Kayla, Chrissy, and many others! 
I don't really know a lot of people here, not very well. Not like my highschool
or college friends, not like the relationship I had with Maggie or with Omar, and because of that
I'm worried that I'll overstrain/stress the relationships that I do have. 
My husbands job has crazy hours, so I'm home alone a lot. 
I miss the city. 
I spend one too many Friday/Saturday nights alone. 

So what to do about it?
Well, I should really start blogging more and make some bloggy friends.
I'm thinking of taking up pelvic floor pilates and meeting new people. 
I should learn to be more friendly, like talk with people at the dog park. Ashley's so good at it, should listen to her and learn her innate ability. 

I wanna be able to open the windows in my house! 
Get some fresh air in. 
Maybe when I garden my front yard (to make my house look like MY house) I'll meet my neighbours.


  1. You should start blogging more, yes, I find that helps me for sure. I have met some lovely people on here, and lots of new friends. I hope it starts to feel more like home soon. :)

  2. It's always so hard relocating and making new friends and relationships. Blogging always helps having contact with people and chatting and interacting and laughing ~ especailly laughing! I found that the dog blogs are usually a light easy funny place to interact, and spend some free time. Especially if all your friends are busy, or you only have a little bit of time to spend.
    I think you sound just right. Of course it's gonna be a challenge at first, but it sounds like your takin' the bull by the horns and gettin out there. Have some fun!!!
    Ruby (Ruby's moms!)



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