Monday, 8 April 2013

Clean Eating Update

It's kind of like clean eating but more limited. How's it going? We are now into week 3.75, and I'd like to say that I've only kind of failed a few times. I had half a bun with a chicken sandwich a while back, I ate some pizza (thin crust), I had some cookies this afternoon, I ate risotto and quiona, I had cheesecake... But, overall not bad. 

I love eggs, but I couldn't eat eggs every morning all month. 15 days in and I caved and pulled out the blender and the protein powder and created shakes. 

I have a pinterest board dedicated to my new food plan. 

So far, the reicpes that I have tried:

And he's right. It's delicious. We make this ALL the time. 
The trick is to cut the beet chips thin, even, and let them get nice and crispy. If they are soft when you pull them out of the fridge, they need for heat! 

I've made this THREE times. It's my go to soup. I add chicken or turkey stock to amp up the protein. 
It's delicious and gives me a chance to use my immersion blender.

"Asian Taco Night" - Bikini Rolls
need to chop vegetables really small, I found this really hard to do. Plus, finding rice paper took me forever. I didn't like the peanut dip that I made... nor the mustard soy sauce included in this recipe

it's hard to make food look pretty! 

Roasted Butternut with Rosemary and Balsamic
The link is now broken, but I HATED HATED HATED this. 
I'm not sure if I hate butternut squash or this recipe. 

Cabbage is interesting. I'll eat it. 
But really, not my favorite ve Sauteed ggie on the plate. I do prefer this recipe over green cabbage recipes. 

Meh, if I want roasted cabbage, I'd eat brussel sprouts. 

Love this idea but I haven't figured out how to master the roasting and flavouring. 
I bought some from Superstore, but they are TOO spicy. 
Must keep working on this, because I LOVE snacking, especially now that it's final essay crunch time.

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