Sunday, 14 April 2013

Black and White Sunday

Black & White Sunday is supposed to be short and sweet, but I can't resist but to give you a black and white recap of Miss. Daisy's experience over the past two days as we rip up our flooring and replace it with beautiful chestnut coloured bamboo.
The adventure's begin with the ripping out of the carpet.

No more carpet. 
A new floor! Subfloor time!

Just watching from my bed. 

Ah, the sunshine, such a nice spot.
There was a couch here once before, wasn't there?


What's Uncle Phil doing?
Enjoying the serenity of the couch. 

Doggy time with Aunt Ashley!

Alas, the peace has arrived. 


  1. Renovations are tough on a pup - Daisy was so patient.

  2. Oh, VERY NICE!!! Looks like your peeps found a great spot for your beds though...and, nice use of the lovely sun puddle!



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