Wednesday, 21 November 2012

100th Post

Say What?

I feel as if this post should be influential and profound.
That this post should be something amazing. 

Guess What!
It's not. 

Instead, I'll tell you that one of my new favorite spots to buy dog sweaters is Winners! Who would have thought. I found the best sweaters, unfortunately, they didn't have matching "boy" and "girl" sweaters. 

Daisy tried to put her sweater on this morning. It snowed last night. She gets cold easily.
Caper's sweater is a little small, and he has too much fur, so a tuft sticks out in the stupid hole for the leash. 

I work retail.
Canadian retail has for some reason as grasped onto this idea of 'Black Friday' --- *rolls eyes*
It will be fun! 

In other news, I'm finishing up my Christmas Decorating.
Can't wait to get my tree in December (no trees till at least December 1st)! 
Hubby said we can get a real one! :D 

Now the Christmas Baking will start next week!
What's your favorite christmas recipe?
Caper is a professional Monkey hunter. His favorite toys are shaped like monkeys.
This squeaky toy is no exception. This is him plotting his next attack.
The monkey better watch out! 


  1. Hello there lovie! I'm a new follower on twitter via the blog hop. I hope you & the pups had a great Thanksgiving! I'd like you to do a guest post with me, if your interested please shoot me an e-mail TheCraftySideOfSarcasm{@}gmail{DOT}com, your blog is cute!


  2. Nice dress for both of them. They are having some fun outside.



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