Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wedding Monday - Table "Numbers"

For our wedding, I stumbled across a few scrabble themed ideas on pinterest. 
One of the ideas was scrabble tiles for table numbers! 
We spelt out our name, so there was a "B-O-U-W-M-A-N" and the lead table was B & E (they got blank tiles) 

We used little scrabble tiles bought on ebay in bulk to add to the place cards to direct people to the correct table. 

The project itself was a bit hectic. 

Eric went out and bought a plank of maple. 
He was responsible of cutting it into little squares. He failed.
I got rectangles. I guess it worked.

I bought stencils from the hardware store, some tape and went ahead.

The first idea was to paint over the stencil.
It smudged. 
This isn't the greatest look. 

So, with the assistance of some tape lines, we used our pencil to outline the stencil, and then to get the straight lines (that I failed to achieve with my hand painting) we used tape. 

The little numbers were the hardest since I don't have the steadiest hand.
I tried a permanent marker. 
It bled. 

We finished the project witha  coat of varnish.
There isn't any pictures of that.
But it really added to the letters. Made them look super good! 

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