Thursday 8 November 2012

DIY Puppy Pee Pads

I believe that it's inevitable that this winter will result in many "puppy accidents" inside.
Daisy has already made it clear she hates the cold winter, and that she cannot hold her bladder for the duration of the night. 

The hormones have helped. There have been significantly fewer accidents. 
A puppy pad has been placed out and she has taken to it. 

But, the downside is that I HATE PUPPY PADS. 
I bought the eco friendy ones. They SUCK.
I don't want to buy them, or throw them out.
Like femine hygiene bads and diapers, they probably don't decompose in the landfill very well. 

So! I've decided to make my own! 

There aren't many tutorials. So I kinda winged it.
I used what I know about making my feminine hygiene pads to make them. 
Because it uses PUL fabric it was slightly expensive. 

Diaper Flannel (twice as much)
Flannel. (I found cute puppy dog fabrics)
PUL Fabric (waterproof stuff)

I bought 1.4 metres of flannel and pul and made 6 training pads! 

I choose dimensions that were half the width of the fabric, and then into thirds. Turned out to be 19inches by 22 inches. This was super rough. And I trimmed a lot more down. 

Then the pattern fabric was fused to two layers of diaper flannel. 
when I say fused. i mean I stitched lopsided squares into it. I didn't really make a lot of effort to be super precise. I figured it was just a pee pad. 

Then with right sides together, I matched the flannels with the pul fabric. 
After trimming up some edges they were stitched together

That's right, turn it inside out, and iron! 

I like to leave a gap in the middle of one side (instead of a corner. 
I iron it all together and then do a top stitch around the whole thing. 

Final Product.

Put it down in the puppy pee area (this area needs to be changed)

So far,  nobody has used them. 
Then again nobody has gone inside.
I hope to find some of that puppy urine spray, or wait for an accident to happen and rub it all over it so they know that this is where to go.

Hubby is worried that they'll want to take naps on it. 


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  2. Well it's super cute! I might have to try it since Dashington the destructive hates holding it too!

    1. they finally started using them, but I don't keep them out anymore.
      Considering putting one in the bedroom since Daisy can't seem to hold it through the night, even with a late night tinkle, and my hubby has this obnoxious habit of closing the door.

  3. good one. This is also a good way to use pee pads. More puppy pee pads tips

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  5. Wow, That's so easy. I was struggling to make a Puppy pee pads by myself and here I found your blog. Thank you so much for sharing this nice article.

  6. Where did you put the PUL (the waterproof fabric)? Did you sew all the layers together? Or is it more like a super thin pillow case where you insert the waterproof layer and remove it to wash the pads? Where do you get PUL?

  7. I think if you use white fabric for the top instead of the cute fabric, dogs may think that it’s a pee pad. The pattern or color will throw them so it won’t get used. I am gonna try to make some.



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