Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Daisy's Hormones

We should have taken the health insurance offer from the SPCA when we adopted Daisy.

I knew we had a problem because she was 3 years 6 months when we got her and she wasn't house trained. But I shrugged it off. There were lots of changes going on in her life. 

It's been 3 months, and the accidents aren't getting better. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes during the day. Sometimes it looks like she was headed outside, but then, she just went. And, I've never seen it happen, but I THINK it's Daisy. I'm 95% sure it is. 

The boarder where we take our dogs suggested that Daisy drinks WAY LOTS of water. 
She suggested we take her to the vet. We trusted her. 

I hummed and hawwed. And then I woke up to pee stains on my bedroom carpet and the vet was being called. Brought her in the next day. 

She's lost a little weight. She's on the slim side the vet explains.

Oh Uh. 

As a shih tzu cross she is prone to kidney failure.


We'll just do a blood work up to check and see whats going on. 


It could just be that she has a weak sphynctor. 

Oh, and I guess you can't teach your dog to do kegels. 

Or maybe she's anatomically built weird, like an extra large vagina which pools urine and it just releases. 

Oh F**k. I hope not. 

Anyways, after an anxious 8 hours, the vet finally called back with the results: NORMAL

But, because it might be her sphnctory hormones.
Expensive hormones because the cheaper ones she says not the safest for my dog. 
Okay. I trust.

Now, twice a day hormones. And then one half a pill every week. 
The joys of having a furbaby.

Update: Success. It's been working.
Less accidents. 
On her follow up appt the Doctor suggested I get her dewormed since she shows an abnormailty in her bloodwork that is linked to having a weakness to worms... awesome...

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  1. Aww, she's beautiful. I have a 10-year old Cairn-Tzu who pees almost every night in my kitchen. I can let her out at midnight then wake up at 630am and she'll have peed in the floor. But she can go from 630am to nearly 5pm asleep on the couch while my mom is home and I'm at work. Grr! It's so inconsistent when she can and can't hold it. When there's a lot of activity in the house she usually can't hold it more than 4 hours. I take her out 4 times a day :( Oh, the things we do for our furrbabies.



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