Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Caper: Why do you keep barfing? And then, sometimes, eat it again. That's so disgusting. You know, if you stopeed eating all of the random shit that I leave on the floor then that might not happen.

Dear Daisy: Please get over your anxiety. The 8 hour drive to Vancouver is not going to be fun if you maintain your car anxiety for the entire trip.

Dear Husband: Thanks for trying.... I guess?

 Dear Sunshine: you are deceiving. It's FRICKING COLD OUTSIDE!

Dear Laundry: Please help me out. Why do you keep appearing? I think I almost have it, and then it's almost not done!

I think that's all for the week =)

In OTHER News! 
I have Saturday through Wednesday off! SAY WHAT! 
I know. I got Saturday off when I traded it from Friday to get visual done. 
Then Sunday because it's Remembrance Day.
And then Monday and Wednesday because and Tuesday because I'm in the hospital for a sick day! 
We are going to Vancouver. One last medical trip. 

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