Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Investing in Quality

This is how I feel about ALL of my other bra's.
Except my new, well fitting, good quality bra. 

They suggest that up to 80% of us are wearing the wrong sized bra. 
I was convinced that I was one of the 20%. Why? Because I didn't feel my boobies (yes, that's what I'll call them ATM) were over flowing my cups, I didn't feel that my straps were too tight, and I felt that  my bra's felt a-okay. 

Well, I was mistaken. 
Now, I've previously measured myself to be a 38/40 B. This is in those stores you find in shopping malls --- aka. La Senza. This measurement is probably old. I've always thought of myself as little, but with a big rib cage (sigh). 

Any who, while in Vancouver/Langley , I dragged Eric to one of my new favorite lingerie stores called Forever Yours Lingerie. 

I wandered through. Nothing caught my eye but some nighties. Picked them up, and then a pretty burgandy bra. I saw they sold a 40B! My size (at La Senza, mind you)! I had to try it on. 

It didn't fit very well. So I threw it on the rack and hummed and hawwed over the nighties. I bought the long soft black one. It's amazingly comfortable. 

The women who was checking on me, asked me about the bra. 
I shrugged it off. I wasn't bra shopping.
She took my measurements anyways - 40D! Say what! I'm little
And came back with some bras to try. 

But one was! The Van Elle one!



Now the unfortunate part is that when you go to these fancy lingerie stores, bras start to become what I say is expensive. I can be a bit stingy at times, and bras, sock and underwear is definitely one of those places. But, hubbie was with me, and we were on vacation so I went for it. Luckily, This one didn't break the bank, rang in at about 59.99$
And it's amazing.

I feel like I spend the day without a bra, but with all the benefits of a bra.

This bra is ugly.
It's not cute at all.
But I feel great. 
You deserve to feel great.
And for $60, you deserve it.
I don't know why we haven't done it before.

To end this post, I'm including a few link ups to some other great/better blogs/websites out there that I found on bra fitting. Definitely a new found advocate for getting the right fitting bra at whatever the cost. You wont regret it! 

Cups and Measures --- a blog dedicated to bras! 

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