Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's Okay

I'm joining in for the first time. 
I feel like today I need this. 
It's my day off. Hopefully I can set up some future blog posts for prep for the holiday season.
Today the plan is: shop, bake christmas treats, bake dog treats, blog, read, RELAX.
Its Ok Thursdays
It's Okay....
--- that my blog has sat on the back burner these past two weeks.
--- it's okay that my puppy struggles with kibble, there are other softer food options.
--- it's okay that my puppies are horrible pen eating monsters.
--- it's okay that it's almost December, that means only one month left at my store with my job! 
--- it's okay that my house is a mess, it means I enjoy life.
--- it's okay that Eric hasn't worked in a while, means I get to spend more quality time with him.
--- it's okay I'm not prepared for Dyan's wedding in 14 days. 
--- it's okay that my Christmas shopping isn't under control
--- it's okay that I love rocking out to Christmas music.
--- it's okay that Christmas has been up for weeks. :) 
---it's okay to be obsessed with the new Boy Meets World Sequel!
--- it's okay. 


  1. Stopping by from the link up!
    I LOVE your take on why your house is messy... Mine is definitely in need of some tidying but I think I'll adopt your "loving life" mentality from now on. Much better than huffing and puffing over the clutter.

    Adorable blog and pooches, glad I stopped by!

  2. Christmas music in the best!


    love & cheer from :)

  3. I saw a sign on groopdealz that says "pardon the mess...we live here" and your it's ok totally reminded me of that! my house is a mess too!



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