Thursday, 1 November 2012

I ordered a few books! :D

Now that my vulvodynia program has come to an end (aside from the discharge appointment in December, and the couples therapy in two weeks), I'm on my own.

In Prince George there is no physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy. And, I think I'm going to have a hell of a time trying to find a mental health provider that will be helpful. So, aside from the kind nurse at the doctors office, I feel like I'm on my own.

So, I ordered some books, and I think it'll require me to start working on the books I currently have.

What's on your vulvodynia Book Shelf? Or Women's Health Book Shelf?

The books I ordered:
I can't wait for this one, because having primary vulvodynia
has made me not confident, and I don't really have any sexual confidence. 

This was the number one recommended book for us last week.
Supposedly, it will have lots of great ideas on non-penetrative sex. 
Stress is considered a major component of pain conditions.
They try to make us do mindfullness. I hate mindfullness.
Maybe it will help me understand better.

Hopefully this one can assist along with a few of my others. 

This one was a recommended in the MVP book.
Eric and I only have been married 6 months, but vulvodynia has put a toll,
better start early.

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