Thursday, 27 September 2012

Coffee & Puppy House Training

These little guys (I know, only Daisy is seen here) HATE COFFEE! We discovered this recently when sitting around and we offered them a smell of our coffee... because could, and they 'ran away' from us. 

So after some internet research and some waving of coffee under their noises we came to the deduction that dogs just don't like coffee. 

Our puppies are still in the process of being housebroken (AGH!!!)
They have a favorite corner that we can't block off like we did around the TV (because of chairs and lamps, etcetra). This corner is where they love to poop and pee because we can't see them to scold their little asses outside. So, Hubby proposed we use some of the coffee we don't like to turn them off the area. I've been trying to use Knock Out spray on their stains to lift the odors and ultimately not 'encourage' continue use, but it wasn't discouraging. 

So I deep cleaned my carpets, let them dry, and then I sprinkled ground coffee over the area. Like so:

I let it sit for a couple of hours and vacuumed. 
My house smelt like coffee. No complaints here. 

I put everything back. 

It's been two weeks and they haven't done anything in that space. 
Daisy even like to curl up against the wall. She doesn't anymore.
I think I might do my whole carpet.... ;) 
Anyone else have any tricks and tips to house training your puppies?

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