Friday, 21 September 2012

Puppie Onsie

What's that? A puppy in a onsie? Say Why?

Because yesterday someone has their 'balls removed' as we like to say around here. While the vet said he was licking, he has started to at home. It's now Friday evening and where am I to get a cone for the little monster at this hour? No where! (It's been a busy day) So, off to the interwebs and this was the best idea for them yet. I figure it'll work long enough to get through the night and until I get him a cone for his adorable head!

For some reason I have this onsie hanging out in my night stand. I think I bought it for someones baby once upon a time. 

Off to Bosley's Tomorrow!

Poor Caper. He not only was nutered but had 10 teeth removed (including all of his upper front teeth because of his underbite) and a tattoo (One $$$ Puppy)

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