Monday, 17 September 2012

Wedding Mondays - Grooms Accessories

I have dropped off my puppies at the boarders house. They are having a sleepover since I'll be gone all day tomorrow until 8 to go to my medical orientation in Vancouver. I miss them so much. I kinda want to cry. I'm never having kids, I don't think I could let go!

Anyways, today is Monday! So let's talk great things from my wedding! Today is all about my husband's amazing accessories! It's gonna be short.

Eric is a conductor for CN Rail who has a a love affair with watches and this has recently grown to include pocket watches. He'll spend hours on the Internet looking at watches. We don't have a good watch maker in town so he gets frustrated easily, but he manages.

The pocket watch at our wedding he ordered off of Ebay. He had to buy a chain for it. And one day it stopped working, apparently the springs just do that. So we took it to the jewellers to get repaired. They sent it to Vancouver and it came back. It arrived and the glass face broke. So they had to send it back to  Vancouver to get the face repaired. Finally arrived and all was good just in time for the wedding.

I bought Eric some cuff links for his shirt! I felt it was necessary. They ended up being a Valentines gift due to excitement and our inability to keep gifts from each other! Loved them. Bough them from Noble Studios LTD


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