Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Letters

Can you do two links ups in one day? Can you do to posts in one day? 

It's my blog, I guess so. 


Dear Husband: why do we have to wait until my birthday to buy that new camera. I want it NOW!  I want to take so many cute pictures of our dogs and I want to take pictures of tomorrows birthday party and of all the sorority events. I know my phone works, but not as nice!!!
a sony nex 5.... :)

Dear Vulva: STOP HURTING. OKAY? I want to wear jeans again. I miss my wardrobe. I love tunics and leggings, but its the same.... on this note, I'd like it if youd just get better.... We start treatment next week, please cooperate. 

Dear Work: Please pick up. I'm bored. 

Dear Dogs: STOP TEARING SHIT APART. That magazine, those recipts, those paint chip cards... was it really satisfying? Also, can you learn to take poops outside in the yard. Thats where you pee, thats where you poop. It's not that hard, really. 

Dear Insurance Company: My husband pressured me, I didnt want to close the case, I think I still have unusual amounts of back pain from the accident. The measily $6500 isn't going to cover it. Thank for being a jack ass and calling me on the day of my drivers test. 

Dear stomach: I know your hungry, but I want to eat breakfast with my husband who wont get his lazy ass out of bed. Ugh. Plus if we wait we might get bacon. yummmm. 


  1. Bacon! :)
    I know how it feels to deal with insurance companies, mine won't even pay to fix my truck when the man responsible doesn't have insurance (and I have uninsured motorist!) so I am in your boat. Kinda.

    Did you get bacon? I want bacon now.

    1. Yes! Hubbie finally caved to my nagging and the constant furbabie kisses he had no choice but to wake up and make me/us bacon! yay!

  2. same thing with my dog! so frustrating!

    Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)



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