Friday, 14 September 2012

InstaFriday According to my iPhone

life rearranged

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Sorority Gals are over for some fun and laughter

Creeping the interwebs late at night waiting for my husband to come home

my green pawed friends

Check us out at Clubs Day!

This was day 5 of no jeans, only leggings and tunics for this chick a dee

Time for some more leggings to spruce up the wardrobe!

My puppies escaped, the fence fell over
Waiting for the sorority girls, nobody told me they'd all be twenty minutes late!


  1. yay for leggings!! ohhh those are my favorite. I've never been able to wear them during the fall on a daily basis because I worked at a bank and HR was 1000% against them. Now I'm a stay at homer and totally can wear them ha!

    1. If my managers knew I wasn't wearing jeans... I'd be in trouble too! Luckily they only visit every now and then ! :D



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