Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumn Garden Prep

We moved in during the Spring.

Sometime during the summer, I decided to start working on my garden. 
The 'garden' is overgrown and, as expected, would need LOTS of elbow grease. 

Before Before
This is the garden as we moved in. It's an area of the yard that is divided by 'railway ties'. 

The Garden after a little elbow grease. 
I removed some of the 'trees' (my mil wanted one of them, but I had let it sit too long) 
I tried to dig the garden over, but the land was too rocky. 

the garden sat all summer and I did nothing. 

I took some action. After some internet searching, the final concluding idea was to rebuild my garden.

The land in PG is too rocky. There is no point in me digging it up. It's too much effort that I don't have. 

We bought a bed a month ago. The cardboard is too big for our little car. So it's still hanging out in the garage. Perfect for my garden. I covered up the old weeds with the cardboard. They suggest that this will prevent sunshine which will kill everything underneath! Whoot. 

I also watered the cardboard. Because then I thought it'd stay in place better. 

Eric and I took advantage of the trees in our front yard. 
We bought some rakes and raked the front yard. I took some containers and moved all of the leaves to the back yard. And piled them high. Over the winter. This will sit. 
Come next Spring, we will buy some pretty rocks to build an edge to the garden and then bring in some dirt to build up the garden! 

A Few more  pictures of our adventures
I can't wait to get my sony nex 5r!!! IF only it would come into stores! Jeez louise. I might just have to wait till my trip to Vancouver next week. 

A Few Blogs/websites on this idea!

Stay Posted
Once the snow falls. And then melts.
I (and hopefully my hubbie) will start building our raised garden bed. 
Maybe for next Thanksgiving we will have some fresh veggies to serve straight from the garden! yummm! 

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